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Payroll Accounting Software is a third party add-on that can be purchased from Serenic Software. Serenic sells a total package called HCM for Human Capital Management, which includes an HR module and Payroll module which are integrated with each other and with Microsoft Dynamics Nav. Using the basic payroll module you can set up and run a complete payroll with direct deposit capabilities, and create and run reports. The payroll information is tracked to financial management and to the employee information. It can integrate with jobs and other modules that need to track employee/resource costs and time. There are additional granules available. These are Communication Tracking, Pay Structures, Attributes, Positions with Organization Chart, and Recruitment.

Does the Payroll Accounting Software Add-On fit your company? The biggest question is whether you should do your payroll processing in house, or outsource it to one of the payroll outsourcers such as ADP or Paychex. There are pros and cons to either approach. In general, if you have a geographically dispersed workforce, and/or a very small staff, you'll have an easier time outsourcing. If you have a workforce mostly in the same geography, and/or you have more than 50 employees, you'll be able to process payroll in-house cost effectively.

If you are going to process your payroll in-house, and you're in the US or Canada, then HCM from Serenic is hands-down the best payroll processing software module for Navision.

Like Navision in general, it is especially well suited for a mid-sized company with 101-500 employees. Its greatest strength is its strong calculation engine that is readily customizable to meet the special needs of individual companies. It can handle multiple employers and multiple federal employer ids, which differentiates it from other payroll software programs.

Its greatest strength, the calculation engine, can also be its greatest weakness. It requires a payroll control for every payroll calculation. While many of these controls are ready to use out of the box, some controls required by individual companies for insurance, unions, and other deductions or special earnings, need to be created. This can make the set up process laborious and time consuming. Fortunately there are step-by-step instructions available that can be used to create most of the special controls.

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