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The ability to enter employee time into Navision through a web browser seems like almost a necessity, but it's not part of Nav's built in functionality, and it's surprisingly hard to find a good and affordable web time entry add-on.

Web Time Navision is, to the best of our knowledge, the only web-based time entry application that is designed specifically and exclusively for Navision. Many web time applications are generic, and must therefore be custom integrated with Nav. Web Time Navision is fully integrated right out of the box.

It's straighforward and easy to use, with all the features you'd expect plus some nice surprises. It has spreadsheet-style time entry, multiple levels of approvals (if you want to use them), real-time integration with Navision, the ability to charge time against any combination of projects, jobs, tasks, or dimensions, and lots of useful reports.

This application works with Nav 4.x, 5.x, and 2009. Of course, with 2009 (and to some degree with 5.x) you can use the sharepoint web portal functions to build your own web time application -- but this one doesn't require sharepoint or web portal licenses, and it comes pre-built and ready to use, no coding required.

If all of your employees already have Navision licenses and consistent access to Navision, you don't need an add-on like this. But if you have staff who are geographically scattered, or you just don't want to pay a couple of grand per user for the Navision concurrent user license, this Navision web time application may be just what you need.

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