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Navision Responsibility Centers is an optional granule you can purchase if you have the Dynamics Nav Advanced Management Edition. It is available for any of the currently supported versions - 4.x, 5.x, or 2009 (granule #3060).

The Responsibility Centers granule allows you to set up responsibility centers in Nav to represent the actual responsibility centers (cost centers, profit centers, etc) in your business (where responsiblity center refers to any division of your business, such as departments, or regions, or lines of business).

Do you need this granule? Maybe. If you basically just want to track costs and/or revenues by some type of division, you don't need to buy this granule, because you can do that just as well by using dimensions, and assigning one dimension to be the 'responsibility center' (and you'll need to do this anyway, even if you do buy the granule, if you want to run P&Ls by that division).

However, if you want to assign users to responsibility centers such that each user can only see information and perform transactions related to their division, then the responsibility center granule is probably worth it -- especially if your division designates different offices or different geographic locations.

This granule will allow you to set up a responsibility center card (shown below) for each division.

Dynamics Nav Responsibility Center Screenshot

You can specify an address for that division, tie users to that division, and specify a default warehouse location tied to that division. If you want to track costs or P and L by that division, you'll also need to designate and assign a dimension as well -- the responsibility center function alone doesn't give you P and L tracking and reporting capabilities.

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