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Basic Resources and Navision Jobs

The Basic Resources granule is part of Navision Jobs, but is also useable alone. It comes with all versions of Dynamics Nav (granule #4260).

With the Jobs Suite, the resource granule allows you to cost resources against jobs or projects, including the ability to do capacity planning, resource groups, different pricing and costing by resource and by work type, and much more.

However, even without the Jobs Suite, there's quite a lot you can do with the resource granule.

You can set up Resource cards, which include such information as resource type, cost and price per hour, and for a person-type resource, basic employment information such as name, address, social security number, employment start date, and so on.

Dynamics Nav Resource Card

You can also set up Resource cards for non-person resources such as vehicles or machines, or basicaly anything that you would rent out or cost out by the hour.

Once a resource has been set up, you can then use them on purchase invoices or sales invoices to reflect any type of purchase or sale of services. Resources are better than items in this regard because when you sell an item, it automatically depletes your inventory of that item, which is good if you're selling oil filters but makes no sense if you're selling the mechanic's time in changing the oil.

You could, of course, simply use General Ledger codes for non-item charges, rather than resources, but the advantage of using resources is the visibility, tracking and reporting it provides, plus the ability to pre-define standard hourly rates for different resources.

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