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Navision CRM Foundation Pack

The Navision CRM 'Foundation Pack' comes included with both the BE and AM versions of Nav, and basically provides contact management and task management capabilties, plus client-side integration with Microsoft Outlook (granule numbers 5110, 5150, and 5195).

The Foundation Pack does NOT include any of the more advanced CRM functions available in the Navision CRM Advanced that comes with the AM edition.

The Nav contact management function allows you to create contact cards in Navision. With the contact cards, you can identify individual people associated with companies, and tie those 'person' contact records to their 'company' contact records. So you can easily see that Joe, Sally and Tom all work for Company X, see all the general info about Company X, and still keep track of individual information like Sally's cell phone and Tom's email address.

Navision Contact List Screenshot

The contact cards are seperate from customer or vendor cards, but can be linked, and if you create contact cards to track sales leads or prospects, you can one-click create a customer card from a lead's contact card when they are ready to buy.

The task management function lets you create and manage to-dos for anyone who uses Nav. The ability to see all to-dos for all salespeople or employees in one list and then click into each one to see details is a powerful management tool, and the system also lets people create to-dos for others as well as for themselves, which is useful for handing off leads from inside to outside sales or suchlike. Note that while the to-dos can be used for anything, they are really designed around sales-related functions like calling prospects or following up on proposals.

Navision To Do List Screenshot

The outlook integration is client side only, not server based. It's pretty straightforward and allows users to synch their Navision contacts and tasks with Outlook and vice-versa. However, you should note that Outlook integration doesn't automatically install when you install Nav -- you have to go through a specific set up process to make it work.

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