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As you try to find accounting software for your business, you may want help identifying the potential solutions that meet your requirements. If Navision does not seem to be the right accounting and ERP solution for you, or you just want to look at some other programs as well before you decide, then how can you identify the software that best meets your needs?

There are two major options to find accounting software, assuming you want something better and more effecient than simply trolling aimlessly around on the web googling "accounting software". You can either sign up with an accounting software matchmaking service, or you can get software that helps you make your own selections. Both options take your requirements and preferences, and use them to provide you with a short list of accounting software that best matches your needs.

Accounting Software Matchmaker Service

An accounting software matchmaking service is a free web-based service that takes your software requirements and uses them to match you with typically between three and five software packages that best fit your requirements. This service is free to you, because the software vendors with whom you will be matched pay a fee to the matchmaking service to be included and matched with potential buyers.

There are several of these services on the web. The best one we have worked with is Accounting Software Sherpa. This service is entirely free to you, and isn't connected with any software developer or VAR, so you can be sure their matches are actually in your best interest.

There are several "matching" sites out there that say they will find accounting software for you, but they are actually owned or backed by a specific developer, and thus will only offer you the products they want to promote.

Accounting Software Selection Software

Buy software to select software to buy? Sounds odd, but when you are contemplating spending thousands to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on an accounting software package, it can be a worthwhile investment.

There is an excellent computer-based software selection program called The Accounting Software Library. This program contains information on over 150 different accounting and ERP software packages. It allows you to input your requirements, then it compares your requirements against it's database of products and makes recommendations as to which one(s) would be the best fit.

The following editions are available:

Standard Edition - $395. Contains information on 115 entry and mid-range products, and 2,500 potential features, functions and requirements.

Enterprise Edition - $750. Contains information on 150+ products including all top enterprise systems, and 4,000 potential features, functions and requirements.

Modifiable Edition - $1,295. Includes everything in the Enterprise Edition but also allows you to create your own customized questions and send them to vendors, and incorporate their answers into your analysis.

Contact us for more information or to place an order. Or you can order directly from their site. Say you were referred by NavisionDepot and you'll receive a 5% discount!

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