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Dynamics Nav Jobs Suite

The Dynamics Nav Jobs Suite was built for construction or job shop tracking and management of jobs, but also functions quite well for many types of project management and project cost tracking (granule #4540, or seperately 4270, 4290, and 4510).

Do you need this module? Maybe. If you basically just want to track costs and/or revenues from purchase invoices, sales invoices and journal entries against a project, you don't need this module, because you can do that just as well by using dimensions, and assigning one dimension to be the project or job(and you'll want to do this anyway, even if you do use the jobs suite, if you intend to run full P&Ls by that job). However, if you only use dimensions for project or job management, you lose a lot of functionality and ease of use.

The jobs suite allows you to create job cards, which stores all of the basic information about the job or project, such as the customer, project manager, start date, WIP method if applicable, and so forth.

Navision Job Card Screenshot

Once the job card is set up, you next set up the work to be done, the job budget, job revenue and bill rates, and planned or allocated resources. using job tasks and planning lines.

Job tasks allow you to organize the 'buckets' in which you'll track costs, bill the customer, and allocate resources. You can set up tasks hierarchically, and have as many tasks and sub tasks as you'd like.

Dynamics Nav Job Tasks Screenshot

Dynamics Nav Jobs Suite also allows you to one-click create sales invoices from job planning lines, and has a wealth of pre-built reports and reporting options. As traditional job cost accounting software, it has very strong, complex and versatile WIP (work in progress) tracking abilities -- actually so robust and complex that the WIP functionality can seriously hurt your brain if you're not accustomed to WIP accounting methods and requirements. Fortunately, WIP is optional, so you only use it if you need it.

As of Nav 5.1 and later, jobs are now better integrated with purchasing, so you can create a purchase order and allocate the items on the puchase order to a job, and Nav will automatically put the costs of the received material from the PO against the job as the PO is received and invoiced. Prior to version 5.1, this caused a lot of aggravation, because it seems intuitively obvious that jobs and purchasing should include this integration, but Nav 5.0 and earlier did not, and required either a rather extensive modification, or a manual workaround to get the costs from receiving and invoicing a purchase order onto a job.

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