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Do It Yourself Navision Implementation

Most people believe that a complex accounting and ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics Nav / Navision has to be implemented by professional consultants. And certainly, this is the most effective and convenient method for many organizations. But if you have what it takes, you can implement Navision yourself, successfully, and save quite a lot of money in the process.

To have a successful do it yourself implementation, you don't need previous knowledge of Dynamics Nav. Here's what you do need:
  • Good Accounting Skills - Not just bookkeeping, but an understanding of debits and credits, and what kind of impact you want your transactions to have on your general ledger.

  • Reasonable Technical Literacy - You don't need to be a computer expert, but you need to be comfortable moving around in Windows, installing programs, and following technical directions. A conceptual understanding of how databases and networks work is helpful as well.

  • Sufficient Time - Implementing a new accounting system takes quite a lot of time and commitment no matter who is handling it. Even if you outsource the bulk of the work to consultants, you will need to provide information on your processes, provide data, test and train, and generally be heavily involved. However, as with all do it yourself projects, handling your own implementation is a time versus money tradeoff. If you have more money than time you might be better off hiring a consultant to do the heavy lifting.
So if you don't have more money than time, and you think you have the right skills to do it yourself, what do you need to be successful?
  • Clear Requirements - This can be a formal requirements analysis performed by an external consultant, or just a bunch of notes on a napkin, but you have to be clear on what you need the software to do, what data you to track, what reports you will need, and so forth.

  • Navision Software - Of course, you first have to buy the software, if you don't already have it.

  • Good Implementation Instructions - You can purchase our Navision Do It Yourself Kit, which provides everything you need in terms of installation, setup, configuration, and training. Or, you can start with the built-in documentation that comes with Dynamics Nav and cherry-pick specific books and manuals to supplement anything you find too complex.

  • Training for Users - Unless you're a one-person operation, you'll need to train your users on Nav as well. Providing access to the included Cronus sample company may be sufficient for the more technically-minded to figure it out, but for everyone else, a set of training CDs or appropriate reference manuals usually gets them up to speed quickly.

  • Support - With the purchase of Navision comes a one year subscription to the Enhancement plan, which provides unlimited upgrades, patches, and hotfixes, plus access to the Microsoft CustomerSource forums. If this isn't sufficient, you can purchase consulting support, consult technical forums, or buy specific manuals to address your specific needs.

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