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CRM Navision Advanced

The CRM Navision Advanced comes with the AM version of Nav, and provides a number of additional features that add to the basic functions included in the CRM foundation pack. These additional features include Contact Classification, Campaign Management, Opportunity Management, Interaction and Document Management, Contact Search, and Email logging for Exchange (granule numbers 5120, 5130, 5140, 5160, 5170, and 5180).

Opportunity management essentially allows you to build and track a sales pipeline within Navision. You can create one or more opportunities, tie them to contacts, specify deal-related information like estimated close date and estimated revenue, and track the opportunities as they move through the sales cycle.

Campaign management lets you set up specific sales and marketing campaigns, designate special campaign-related pricing for your products, show which opportunities were generated from which campaign, and track other campaign-specific information.

Interaction and document management has two big features: the ability to systematically track notes and information about your interactions with your contacts, inclulding phone calls, emails, letters, and so on, and the ability to attach documents to a contact such that the documents are actually embedded in the Navision database, not just stored elsewhere and linked.

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