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The Collections Management Solution is collections management software available as a Navision add-on. It is a business management tool designed to support the collections process. This software leverages the contact-management and follow-up tracking principles typically used for sales and marketing, and applies them to improving collections effectiveness.

You get a centralized list of all of your overdue invoices, with contact information, interaction history, invoice numbers, amounts owed, and all other pertinent information in one easy to use screen, and you also get up to date information on what promises to pay the customer has previously made, and what other contact the customer has had with others in your firm.

If you only have a couple of overdue invoices at any given time, this application is probably not necessary for you, but if you have a significant volume of customers and even a few are routinely late, this may be just the tool to significantly improve your cash flow and simplify your life.

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