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Navision Features: Strong Audit Trail

Dynamics Navision has a strong audit trail with built-in, automatic tracking of every transaction. No one can edit a posted invoice, or adjust a journal entry, without leaving a visible, easy to follow 'paper trail' that includes the name of the person who made the change and the date/time of all changes. Entries can't just be edited -- the system requires proper accounting procedures, so you'll have a clear chain of accountability in case of any errors, as well as strong protection against fraud or misuse.

Every transaction is automatically stamped with the actual transaction date, time, and the userid of the person making the transaction. That way even if the user is posting a transaction with an earlier posting date, it is easy to see both what date was entered as the posting date, and what the true creation date of the transaction was.

Dynamics Nav Audit Trail Screenshot

There is also a historical register that shows every transaction done in the system, to make it easy to get a list of all transactions done by a certain person, say, or all transactions on a certain date. And of course everything is cross-referenced by entry number, so any transaction or group of transactions can be easily traced through the system.

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