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So you'd like an accounting software demo? To really understand Navision, there's no substitute for getting hands-on. If you've never seen Nav, you should start with a demo or two. You can select from several different types, below.

On Demand Web Demos

There is a general Navision accounting software demo available on the web on the Microsoft site. This is very hype-heavy demo, but it does provide a good initial overview of the Dynamics Nav application, what it looks like and some of the things it can do.

see the Microsoft Dynamics Nav demo

Nav Test Drive

As an alternative or a supplement to a Navision demo, Microsoft has a web site where you can 'test drive' Dynamics Nav. It provides an online Nav sample company, and lets you step through performing various tasks in this sample Nav database. It also includes optional videos of various Dynamics Nav benefits and Nav customer testimonials.

try free Navision Test Drive

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