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What is Microsoft Dynamics Nav?

Navision -- also known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, or Microsoft Business Solutions: Navision, or Navision Attain, is a mid-market accounting software package and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software package with built-in, integrated warehouse and distribution, manufacturing, jobs, and service modules, plus CRM capabilities.

is Navision the ERP Software Solution for You?

Navision has good out-of-the-box functionality, but it's real, unique strength is it's customizability -- Wikipedia aptly describes it as an "ERP System Construction Set."

So - how do you construct Navision, and what are the various components?

Dynamics Nav software is composed of modules and granules, each of which provides certain functions. It comes in two editions: Navision Business Essentials, and Navision Advanced Management Edition. Each of these Editions includes a good selection of standard functionality, with additional features and functions optionally available, so the system can be tailored to include what you need and you aren't paying for too many things you don't want.

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Once you've purchased the software, you need to implement it. Navision implementation, like any ERP or complex business software package, requires a multi-step process of physically installing the software (server and client), configuring the software in accordance with the previously defined business requirements and processes, testing, training, migrating over old data, and finally beginning active daily use. You can perform the implementation yourself, hire a consultant to do it for you, or some combination of the two.

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After completing the implementation of Navision, you will probably want to periodically add additional customizations to the software to improve how it enables and supports your business. Also, since Navision has so many features, functions and capabilities, you're unlikely to learn all of them up front, and will want to do some type of continuing education to better leverage the full power of the software.

And of course, every couple of years a new version of Nav is usually released, and you'll have to decide if and when you want to upgrade.

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